What We Do


Executive Search Consulting

Every company, every day aspires to have a world-class leadership team and aspires to compete for and recruit the very best world-class talent in every position throughout their company. 

Gaia Human Capital Consultants is here to help you achieve your ambitious executive search goals!

What is the best choice of action?

Recruitment is a lot of work - especially to recruit the right individuals to fill your management team.  

Executives have too many other day-to-day responsibilities to focus on rather than recruiting.  There is a lot at stake,  mis-hires are extremely costly in terms of dollars and morale.  

Proactive Recruitment introduces everyone to your hiring needs, whether or not they are actively looking to change career opportunities. 

We've all seen it, the latest and greatest technology promising to fill your job openings and a whole lot more. In some cases, especially for active job seekers, this may suffice. However, passive recruitment is akin to throwing a line in the water and hoping a fish will bite. Passive recruitment is proven not effective with well employed professionals that are not necessarily interested in pursuing a new career opportunity. 

Several studies have shown that unless presented and urged personally to consider another career opportunity, these individuals simply wouldn't consider answering an advertisement. Proactive recruitment on the other hand is "headhunting" and as deployed at Gaia Human Capital Consultants pursues everyone that appears to be a great fit versus our clients' requirements.

With decades of retained executive search & talent acquisition experience, Gaia Human Capital Consultants fully appreciates the situation that many companies face when deciding how to recruit, evaluate and select critical talent. In a highly competitive and rapid moving market, most often the best way to identify and recruit the talent required for your company’s growth and success, is to understand a thorough and well-executed highly confidential and PROACTIVE professional search.

Is technology the most important driver of talent to your organization?

Gaia HC believes that technology alone will not necessarily attract world-class talent. Years ago, a prominent impact technology and cleantech venture capitalist, having invested in companies including SolarCity, Tesla, Nextracker, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, Primus Power and several others, proclaimed that the three most important criteria in selecting an investment was “Management, Management, Management!”  

As the marketplace has matured and so many additional factors have distinguished success from failure, it could be argued that five components that equate to a successful opportunity are 1) the market, 2) policy, 3) innovation, 4) corporates and 5) human capital (management). 

Contract Talent Acquisition Partner

Representative clients of this contractual engagement include Gaia HC clients Recurrent Energy, Eastridge Workforce Solutions and Adventures in Writing Camp.

Companies enjoy an opportunity to experience first-hand the many different recruitment processes, strategies and recruitment marketing techniques including the selection process and utilization of AI technology, predominantly used to support talent acquisition / recruitment efforts. 

We have a wealth of talent acquisition experience gleaned outside the confines of one particular corporate recruiting department. Corporations that use contract recruiters to staff up for a large initiative should seriously consider this type of arrangement. 

Distinguished and Specialized

  • A minority owned firm;
  • 110% loyal and committed to your business and personal success; 
  • Thoroughly understands your business, leadership, team, markets, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, technology, culture & values and aspirations;
  • Enjoys a positive brand and professional reputation;
  • Has decades of hands-on experience in your cleantech and sustainability impact business;
  • Exceptionally well-connected in your sector and having been in the cleantech and sustainability sectors for a decade, know where to find the right talent given your requirements;
  • Unflinchingly competitive;
  • Has significant technology and social media resources available to aid in searches;
  • PROACTIVE aggressive recruiters - headhunting as it should be done. 
  • Will not rely on “post and pray” activities but rather cold call and institute a constant aggressive and highly professional recruitment / marketing campaign;
  • Has served in a responsible “internal” talent acquisition function;
  • Flexible in terms of fee arrangement;
  • Has the resources to attract a greater audience of candidates and companies from which to recruit;
  • Individualized, high-touch client consultative & execution focused;
  • Proven process to evaluate talent relevant to our client’s needs;
  • Adds consequential value including, introduction to capital raising and pertinent strategic and operational relationships, legal counsel, business development & sales, media relations, technology innovation, industry leaders, etc;
  • Diversity: We greatly value, respect and share our client commitment to building diverse leadership teams and workforces that represent the multitude of differences in society.


Q: Will Gaia Human Capital Consultants agree to engage clients on a "contingency-fee" basis?

A: No. 

Gaia Human Capital Consultants will only engage clients on a "retained-fee" basis or hourly rate.  As Executive Search Consultants in the Cleantech, Renewable Energy and Sustainability industries, we are extremely experienced, knowledgeable and well-connected.  

Q: Does Gaia Human Capital Consultants accept unsolicited resumes from prospective candidates?

A: Yes.

CV/resumes accompanied with a brief confidential note offering your geographical preference and compensation requirements should be sent to dawn@gaiahumancapital.com


Q: Does Gaia HC conduct client executive searches in geographical areas outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

A: Yes, absolutely. 

We have represented clients from all regions of the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Q: Who will be managing your search?

A: Dawn Dzurilla, Founder & Managing Partner manages and executes all Gaia HC client search assignments.

Q: What is meant by conducting a "proactive" search strategy?

A: The term has a double meaning:

1) forward thinking approach to sourcing talent, engaging prospective hires prior to a position opening - builds a pipeline of qualified individuals ready and able to work once a position becomes available.


 2) defining how to attract talent.  As its name suggests, is a group of aggressive yet professional headhunting methods used to attract individuals whether or not they are actively looking or on the job market. cleantech executive search renewable energy recruitment