Gaia Human Capital Consultants' Employment Branding consulting program partners with clean tech and renewable energy clients and engage in comprehensive and strategic Employment Branding strategies, for the primary objective to attract, recruit and retain the skilled leadership and most sought after top talent to your organization.

Employment Branding is based on the premise that a firm should always consider and treat top-talent as its firm's most important customer! Gaia Human Capital Consultants unique core competencies cost effectively accomplishes this mission. We know the clean energy business and why this industry is uniquely special.  We possess a strong combination of successful strategic marketing, recruitment, communications, journalism, client project management experience.

Employment branding is a long-term and emerging strategic initiative. The net benefits of successful employment branding is that your clean tech & renewable energy organization gains exposure and a favorable reputation, creates consensus among your employees, managers and the outside world that your organization is a great place to work!

The renewable energy and green tech industry has obviously not been alone in its quest for qualified talent, and at all levels of an organization. As demand for renewable technology increases throughout the globe, firms need to develop, deploy and refine talent acquisition strategies to meet their growing demand and slow employee turnover.

Conducting an Employment Branding Audit

* As a first step, we conduct an employment branding audit that will identify areas of your firm's employment branding strengths and deficiencies.

Coordinating Your Firm-Wide Effort

* Using a coordinated firm-wide effort, we manage the entire employment branding process which includes, developing a budget, facilitating the activities of individuals throughout various departments at all levels.

* We engage with firm members across an entire organization including, marketing, communications, human resources, public relations, media relations & investor relations, C-level leadership and focus groups.

* We believe that successful employment branding practices should be deployed at each phase of the full-cycle recruitment process and by every participant in the hiring process; from the moment a candidate learns of your organization, to their initial connect, through the interview process, to their eventual on-boarding process.

Discovering Your Firm's Unique Employee Value Proposition

It's wonderful to be part of an organization that enjoys a sustainable culture, has generous and sustainable green employee benefits and personally experience great management practices.

* We continually engage in discussions about your firm's specific and unique employment value proposition and while not discounting it, look beyond your firm's sustainability initiatives. (What else makes your firm so special?)

* We gather input from your top performing employees about what they believe is the unique about your firm and outstanding about their career with your organization and their renewable energy & green tech segment.

*We gather input from your firm's CEO and various C-level leadership to learn how they perceive the present and desired employment experience.

* We hold focus groups with staff at all levels and attempt to uncover what really attracted them to your organization and what really encourages them to stay?

Disseminating Your Firm's Employment Brand

* We will disseminate the message about your firm's success and makes sure that it is continually and consistently communicated; assuring that candidates are aware of all your achievements.

* We hold workshops to train every stakeholder and every person in the hiring process to be consistent and "passionate brand ambassadors" to your firm.

* We develop attractive and easily accessed web based and employment marketing material.

* We develop a career website that expresses your unique employment brand and is user friendly.

* We identify employment press opportunities and work hard to get your employment brand published.

For more information about Employment Branding, please read Dawn Dzurilla's article as published in www.RenewableEnergyWorld.comEmployment Branding Leads to Top Talent Retention and Acquisition