Gaia Human Capital Partners are Ideal Executive Search Partners of Cleantech Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

Especially when searching for Diversity Candidates -
- Senior Management and Board of Directors

Gaia Human Capital Partners is the ideal executive search partner for Cleantech Venture Capital and Private Equity (VC/PE) firms to secure diverse, world-class, executive management and board talent for early to mid-stage to late-stage companies worldwide. 

Dedicated to our clients' success, Gaia is a recognized pioneer executive search leader in the cleantech industry with decades of experience in executive search and has a track-record of successfully completing CEO and various "C-Level" executive search assignments in the Cleantech space.

Cleantech VC/PE Executive Search contact:

Dawn E. Dzurilla

Founder & Managing Partner

Gaia Human Capital Partners

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

Telephone: 212-734-4912

Email: dawnd@gaiahumancapital.com

As prominent executive search consultants in the cleantech & renewable industry, Gaia Human Capital Partners attracts and is connected to the best and brightest executives and entrepreneurs throughout the world. 

Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms add value to their portfolio companies

and are experienced in leading a firm through their various stages of development.

Boards spend an incredible amount of time recruiting the world-class talent that their organization or investment aspires to attract. 

There exists a finite executive and professional talent pool within the entire global cleantech and renewable industry. Therefore world-class executive talent very often needs to be found and recruited from several other industries. 

Gaia Human Capital Partners also sources talent from other industries including utilities, traditional energy, high-tech, bio-tech, communications, manufacturing, financial institutions, and non-profits.  

Proven visionary leaders must have a multifaceted skill-set, big, strategic vision and a demonstrated capacity for leadership, capable of inspiring investors, other leaders and members of any organization.

Experienced Executive Search Consultants recruit World-class Executive Talent:

Executive Leadership Needed as Renewable Energy Firms Tackle Challenging Times

- Dawn Dzurilla

Psychometric Candidate Testing:

Gaia Human Capital Partners provides clients technically accurate assessment techniques proven to minimize the risk and cost of hiring the wrong executive (mis-hire).  The average cost of mis-hiring a candidate is estimated to be fifteen times base salary.  Mis-promoting internally is almost as costly as mis-hiring an external candidate. 

Psychometric testing seeks to eliminate "executive candidate risk" and clearly distinguish their investment and organization's desire to secure world-class talent. 

"First and foremost we give money to people!  We fund strong leaders, CEO's with whom we feel are capable of returning to our General Partners, incredible returns."

- Ira Ehrenpreis

General Partner

Technology Partners

"Some folks are Venture Capitalists, Gaia Human Capital Consultants are experienced Human Capitalists.  I applaud all that they stand for and all that they are doing!"

- John Geesman

Co-Chairman, American Council On Renewable Energy

& Former California Energy Commissioner

"We put our money around great people; great leaders!"

- John Cavalier

Managing Partner

Hudson Clean Energy Partners

"Venture Capital is crucial to creating and maintaining a vital entrepreneurial economy, providing opportunities for technology entrepreneurship, to the growth and development of many ventures, large and small, to the business development strategies of major corporations, and to providing superior investment returns to long-term sophisticated investors such as college endowments and public pension funds."

- Center for UC Berkeley

Gaia Human Capital Partners has been an active member of

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) since 2006 and honored to be recognized as a renewable energy industry thought leader. 

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